Comparing radars in different apps. 🌦 Photo by Jess Smith.
Comparing radars in different apps. 🌦 Photo by Jess Smith.

Hey friends! I’m really excited to share Dave & Jackie’s Woodcliff Wedding Photos with you all! What a crazy day it was! Woodcliff Hotel & Spa hosted the days events–everything from hair and makeup to the reception. The sun was shining when I arrived, but we knew there was a good chance of rain in the afternoon, right about when the outdoor ceremony would be taking place. As usual, we hoped for the best. As the day went on, the rain came and went more than a few times. When it was time for the first look, the sun came back out and gave us just enough time for the photos we planned to get.

Woodcliff has one of the best views in Rochester as far as wedding venues go. We decided to do the first look and pre-wedding photos near the look-out. As always, it was a special moment when Dave and Jackie first saw each other. Dave even picked her up and twirled her around, very romantic! Because of the scattered rain storms that came and went throughout the day, the sky was full of dramatic scenes. I made some of my favorite bride/groom/sky photos ever–all in the same day!

As the ceremony got closer, the skies got darker. After talking with the bride and with Woodcliff, the decision was made to wait out the rain. After a short while, the clouds passed over and the sun came out. The rest of the day was perfect! The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was a blast, but the best part, was the sunset. It was absolutely incredible! We took Dave & Jackie out at the perfect time and the photos are stunning.

Thanks to Dave & Jackie for having us along on your special day! The best to you both!

1-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

2-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

3-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

Love this room!4-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

5-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

First Look with Dad6-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

The Ladies…7-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

8-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

9-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

10-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

11-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

12-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

The First Look!13-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

…And the twirl!14-Woodcliff Wedding First Look

That view tho!15-Woodcliff Wedding

16-Woodcliff Wedding

17-Woodcliff Wedding

18-Woodcliff Wedding

The Guys…19-Woodcliff Wedding

20-Woodcliff Wedding

21-Woodcliff Wedding

Loving the veil in this one!22-Woodcliff Wedding

23-Woodcliff Wedding

24-Woodcliff Wedding

The Rain…25-Woodcliff Wedding

26-Woodcliff Wedding

27-Woodcliff Wedding

Another great moment!28-Woodcliff Wedding

29-Woodcliff Wedding

30-Woodcliff Wedding

31-Woodcliff Wedding

32-Woodcliff Wedding

33-Woodcliff Wedding

34-Woodcliff Wedding

35-Woodcliff Wedding

36-Woodcliff Wedding

37-Woodcliff Wedding Rochester

The sky! 😍 😍 😍
38-Woodcliff Wedding Rochester

40-Woodcliff Wedding Rochester

41-Woodcliff Wedding Rochester

Pauleenanne Design knocked it out of the park!42-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

43-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

44-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

45-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

46-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

47-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

48-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

49-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

50-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

51-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

Back outside for the sunset…Amazing!52-Woodcliff Sunset Wedding Rochester

53-Woodcliff Sunset Wedding Rochester

54-Woodcliff Sunset Wedding Rochester

55-Woodcliff Sunset Wedding Rochester

56-Woodcliff Sunset Wedding Rochester

57-Woodcliff Sunset Wedding Rochester

58-Woodcliff Sunset Wedding Rochester

59-Woodcliff Sunset Wedding Rochester

60-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

61-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

62-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

63-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

64-Woodcliff Wedding Reception

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Wedding Vendors

Hair & Makeup: Spa Elan @ Woodcliff
Wedding Venue: Woodcliff Hotel & Spa
Wedding Design & Decor: Pauleenanne Design
Caterer: Woodcliff Hotel & Spa
Bridal Salon: David’s Bridal
Videography: Encore Entertainment 
DJ: Encore Entertainment
Florist: Rockcastle Florist
Cake: Woodcliff Hotel & Spa

Thanks for viewing Dave & Jackie’s Woodcliff Wedding Photos!

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