Hey everyone! I’m excited about sharing Mike & Jessica’s Deerfield Country Club Wedding Photos with you all! Some wedding days I travel all over a city, and some days, everything is in one place. For this wedding, we stayed at the country club all day.

The girls had a nice spot to get ready downstairs, and that’s where we got things started. Once the bride and bridesmaids were looking perfect, we met the guys upstairs for the first look. Mike was waiting outside for Jessica and we set them up in a nice spot to let them have their moment together. This is always one of my favorite points on a wedding day. It’s a moment that only happens once and is always special.

After the bride and groom were ready, we headed over to a few spots around the golf course that we knew would be great for photos. We were able to get everything we needed with just a few locations. Some of my favorites are from under a giant willow tree on the backside of Deerfield. We wrapped things up there, and then it was time for the ceremony. I love the way outdoor weddings look in the late afternoon/early evening. Nice and bright, but the sunlight isn’t too direct. It was a hot day, so the officiant made sure things went smoothly (and quickly), so we could all get back inside to cool off.

Before we knew it, the DJ was introducing the wedding party, and the reception was off and running. After dinner, the sun was in the perfect position for photos. We got the bride and groom and headed outside to find some amazing spots. Those are easily the best photos of the day!

It was an incredible day and I’m so glad I got to spend it with Mike & Jessica. I wish you both all the best!

Let’s start things off with a few from their engagement session…

Jessica and Mike Engagement-37

05-Sunset Engagement Photography

10-Sunset Engagement Photography

13-Sunset Engagement Photography

On to the wedding!
01-Deerfield Getting Ready Wedding

02-Deerfield Getting Ready Wedding

03-Deerfield Getting Ready Wedding

04-Deerfield Getting Ready Wedding

05-Deerfield Getting Ready Wedding

06-Deerfield Getting Ready Wedding

07-Deerfield Getting Ready Wedding

08-Deerfield First Look Wedding

09-Deerfield First Look Wedding

10-Deerfield First Look Wedding

11-Deerfield First Look Wedding

12-Deerfield Wedding Photos

13-Deerfield Wedding Photos

14-Deerfield Wedding Photos

15-Deerfield Wedding Photos

16-Deerfield Wedding Photos

17-Deerfield Wedding Photos

18-Deerfield Wedding Photos

19-Deerfield Wedding Photos

20-Deerfield Wedding Photos

21-Deerfield Wedding Photos

22-Deerfield Wedding Photos

23-Deerfield Wedding Photos

24-Deerfield Wedding Photos

25-Deerfield Wedding Photos

26-Deerfield Wedding Photos

27-Deerfield Wedding Photos

28-Deerfield Wedding Ceremony

29-Deerfield Wedding Ceremony

30-Deerfield Wedding Ceremony

31-Deerfield Wedding Ceremony

32-Deerfield Wedding Ceremony

33-Deerfield Wedding Reception

34-Deerfield Sunset Wedding

35-Deerfield Sunset Wedding

36-Deerfield Sunset Wedding

37-Deerfield Sunset Wedding

38-Deerfield Sunset Wedding

39-Deerfield Sunset Wedding

40-Deerfield Sunset Wedding

41-Deerfield Wedding Reception

42-Deerfield Wedding Reception

43-Deerfield Wedding Reception

44-Deerfield Wedding Reception

45-Deerfield Wedding Reception

To view and download their photo booth photos, click here: Mike & Jessica’s Photo Booth
Mike and Jessica Photo Booth-253


Wedding Vendors

Hair: Jessica Toye
Makeup: Christina Matiash
Bridal Salon: Heart-to-Heart Bridal
Videography: The One Recordings
DJ: Mike Setlock

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