Summer is here and that means lots of weddings! I had the pleasure of working with Robby & Alyssa for their engagement photos and their wedding day. Every wedding day has it’s unique characteristics, but this wedding had something I’ve never seen before – a black wedding dress. That’s right, black. It was awesome. I asked Alyssa to share a little bit about how it came about and here’s what she said:

“I’m not sure what sparked the idea for the dress to be black but I just had wanted it to be that way since I was a teenager. I remember hanging out with my closest friends and saying Elise (my bridesmaid) should make my dress someday and I wanted it to be black. I think since then, it was kind of something I just always said I wanted and when Robby and I got engaged, I checked to see if he was ok with it, then called Elise who now is a seamstress in NYC and asked if she was still up for the challenge. And she was! So to put shortly, it was a childhood dream made into reality. :)”

The day was perfect. From getting ready at her parents house to the reception at Hotel at The Lafayette. We did the engagement session on the waterfront at the Erie Basin Marina, so we decided to stop by on the wedding day for a different perspective than before. We got some really amazing photos by the water and headed to Lafayette Square for more photos, and then eventually to the Hotel for the reception.

Robby & Alyssa capped the day off with the releasing of a sky lantern. Great day, wonderful couple, incredible dress, and amazing photos!


Here are a few from their engagement session this past winter…

Robby & Alyssa Blog03

Robby & Alyssa Blog02

The wedding day…Robby & Alyssa-Post-1_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-2_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-3_Blog

I love this one with her dad looking on…Robby & Alyssa Wedding Photos-87_BLog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-4_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-5_Blog

Stunning!Robby & Alyssa-Post-6_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-7_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-8_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-9_Blog

Even though Robby is from Florida, he’s a huge Bills fan. #kellytoughRobby & Alyssa-Post-10_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-11_Blog

The bride arrivesRobby & Alyssa-Post-12_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-13_Blog

Quick prayer before the ceremonyRobby & Alyssa-Post-14_Blog

I love the look between Alyssa and her dad before he walks her down the aisleRobby & Alyssa-Post-15_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-16_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-17_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-18_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-19_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-20_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-21_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-22_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-23_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-24_Blog

The gentlemenRobby & Alyssa-Post-25_Blog

BossRobby & Alyssa-Post-26_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-27_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-30_Blog

With every wedding I always give some black and whites and a few “Art Edits”. When I do, I include the original color photo. Here are all three versions of the photo:Robby & Alyssa-Post-31_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-32_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-33_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-35_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-36_Blog

The ladiesRobby & Alyssa-Post-37_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-38_Blog

One of my favorites!Robby & Alyssa-Post-39_Blog

I love shooting in Buffalo!
Robby & Alyssa-Post-40_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-41_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-42_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-43_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-44_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-45_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-46_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-47_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-48_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-49_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-50_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-51_Blog

Another example of the “Art Edit”, black and white and color versions:Robby & Alyssa-Post-52_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-53_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-54_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-55_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-56_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-57_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-58_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-59_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-60_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-61_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-63_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-65_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-66_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-67_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-68_Blog

First dance!Robby & Alyssa-Post-69_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-70_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-71_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-72_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-73_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-74_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-75_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-76_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-77_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-78_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-79_Blog

Courtyard at the Hotel at The LafayetteRobby & Alyssa-Post-80_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-81_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-82_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-83_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-84_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-85_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-86_Blog

Robby & Alyssa-Post-87_Blog

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