What a great shoot! Bride-to-be Alyssa contacted me after her friend showed her another downtown Buffalo engagement shoot (see that post here). After a few emails and a phone conversation, we decided to make the engagement shoot a winter one, and I’m glad we did! It was a cold day in downtown Buffalo, but especially cold right on the waterfront and even more so up in the observation tower. The view made it so worth it! I love this spot because you get such a great view of the city. I’m so happy to be able to shoot in Buffalo, and to take advantage of both the old landmarks and newly developed areas near Canalside.

As I mentioned, we started out at the observation tower at the Erie Basin Canal. The wind off the lake was vicious but as you’ll see in most of the photos, Robby and Alyssa aren’t wearing jackets and they had no complaints! If they were cold, they never showed it. I love this attitude, it made for great photos! I have to stop and give Robby props here since he lives in Florida, and isn’t exactly used to this type of weather. After a few shots with the city in the background, we moved down toward Canalside. This area is really starting to come together, and with the tree and all the Christmas lights, it was a great spot for engagement photos.

Despite the weather, it was a fun shoot and I couldn’t be happier for Robby and Alyssa. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this summer. Hopefully, we’ll have better weather!


This is a shot I took on the way to the shoot. Not technically part of their session, but it’s a great shot!
Robby & Alyssa Blog01

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot!
Robby & Alyssa Blog03

Robby & Alyssa Blog04

Here’s Robby.
Robby & Alyssa Blog05

And Alyssa.
Robby & Alyssa Blog06

Robby & Alyssa Blog07

Robby & Alyssa Blog08

Robby & Alyssa Blog09

Robby & Alyssa Blog11

Great spot!
Robby & Alyssa Blog12

Robby & Alyssa Blog13

Robby & Alyssa Blog14

Robby & Alyssa Blog15

I love the bokeh in these!
Robby & Alyssa Blog16
I mentioned Canalside a few times in this blog, and wanted to post a link for anyone looking to keep up on the new developments in Buffalo. Check out www.buffalorising.com.

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