12_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1164-2

This is the engagement shoot (and wedding) that I almost didn’t get the chance to shoot. When Gabby first contacted me, I was already booked for the day they had picked for their wedding. Luckily, some things changed on their end and I was available for their new wedding date.

We met up at Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards, a great little place out in Gasport, New York. It had been raining the last few days and was supposed to rain the day of the shoot, but we ended up with a dry and somewhat sunny day. We got into it and clicked right away.

From the first interaction with Donny & Gabby, it was clear they had something special. The way they looked at each other was just something you don’t see everyday. There’s nothing I love more than shooting a couple that are as in love as these two. We had a ton of fun and I’m really glad I was able to capture some great photos for them.

We started in an open field off to the side of the farm and finished in a really beautiful vineyard. I’m so happy with the way these photos turned out, I really love the colors and the lighting of that time of day.

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next September. Thank you for inviting me, Donny and Gabby, to help tell your story!


Meet Donny & Gabby…
01_Donny & Gabby E-Session-0978-2

The look
01_Donny & Gabby E-Session-0983

02_Donny & Gabby E-Session-0950

Show me the ring!
03_Donny & Gabby E-Session-0991

Another great look…
04_Donny & Gabby E-Session-0952

05_Donny & Gabby E-Session-08

06_Donny & Gabby E-Session-10

07_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1063

08_Donny & Gabby E-Session-06

09_Donny & Gabby E-Session-11

I love the way the light hits her hair!
10_Donny & Gabby E-Session-13

11_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1059

Gabby wanted him to show off his tattoos
13_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1198

14_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1211

15_Donny & Gabby E-Session-12

16_Donny & Gabby E-Session-09

17_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1252

18_Donny & Gabby E-Session-07

Happy in love. One of my favorite shots. This is them.
19_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1268

Now over to the vineyard for a few shots before it gets too dark
20_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1456

21_Donny & Gabby E-Session-23

22_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1470

23_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1508

24_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1516

We just like to have fun!
25_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1554

26_Donny & Gabby E-Session-1555

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