Hey everyone, this is a wedding from a few weeks, back but I’m excited to share Don & Nicole’s Niagara Falls wedding photos with you all! I first met Nicole at a bridal show at the beginning of 2017. We talked a few times at the show and she decided to book with me right there! I’m so glad she did because her wedding day (and engagement session) was a blast!

We started things off with a first look with the bride’s dad. It would be the first of two first looks that day. Next up was the first look with the groom. We all met up on Main Street, in front of Shea’s Theater. It was a great spot for a special moment, especially with the city of Buffalo in the background. We hit a few spots for photos: Lafayette Square and Erie Basin Marina – two great photo locations. After that, it was time for the ceremony.

It was my first time photographing a wedding at Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church and it was great. The inside has a unique look, and also air conditioning, so you can’t beat that! Following the ceremony, we stopped at Niagara Falls for a few more photos and then our final location of the day – The Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls.

This place is always great to shoot in. The interior is just amazing! The bride and groom got things going with a high-energy introduction into the room and it only got better from there! It was a really great party and the dance floor was packed all night, just the way you’d want it to be!

Congrats to Don & Nicole! Thanks for having me along on your wedding day!

01-Buffalo Wedding Getting Ready

02-Buffalo Wedding Getting Ready

03-Buffalo Wedding Getting Ready

04-Buffalo Wedding Getting Ready

05-Buffalo Wedding Getting Ready

06-First Look Wedding Main St Buffalo

07-First Look Wedding Main St Buffalo

08-First Look Wedding Main St Buffalo

09-First Look Wedding Main St Buffalo


11-Lafayette Square Wedding Buffalo

12-Lafayette Square Wedding Buffalo

13-Lafayette Square Wedding Buffalo

14-Lafayette Square Wedding Buffalo

15-Buffalo Waterfront Wedding

16-Buffalo Waterfront Wedding

17-Buffalo Waterfront Wedding

18-Buffalo Waterfront Wedding

19-Lafayette Presbyterian Church Wedding

20-Lafayette Presbyterian Church Wedding

21-Lafayette Presbyterian Church Wedding

22-Lafayette Presbyterian Church Wedding

23-Lafayette Presbyterian Church Wedding

24-Lafayette Presbyterian Church Wedding

25-Lafayette Presbyterian Church Wedding

26-Lafayette Presbyterian Church Wedding

27-Niagara Falls Wedding

28-Niagara Falls Wedding

29-Niagara Falls Wedding

30-Niagara Falls Wedding

31-Rapids Theater Wedding Reception

32-Rapids Theater Wedding Reception

33-Rapids Theater Wedding Reception

34-Rapids Theater Wedding Reception

35-Rapids Theater Wedding Reception

36-Rapids Theater Wedding Reception

37-Rapids Theater Wedding Reception

40-Rapids Theater Wedding Reception

39-Rapids Theater Wedding Reception

41-Rapids Theater Wedding Reception

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