Today I get to share Paul & Jacki’s Buffalo Wedding Photos! Both the bride and groom got ready at the Marriott Harbor Center in downtown Buffalo. Then it was over to St. Joseph’s Cathedral for the ceremony – which was perfect! After Paul and Jacki were officially married, we had a bunch of stops to make for photos.

Nick on carFirst up was Delaware Park. We took advantage of everything, from the steps with the Museum in the background, to the greenery and Hoyt Lake. After that, we made a quick stop on Main Street in Buffalo at Shea’s. Lastly, we went to the waterfront at the Erie Basin Marina. This is a spot I’ve done a lot of photos at this wedding season, so I had to get a little creative for the group picture. We got there a little before the bridal party limo, and I was able to find a spot where I could get a different perspective of the lake in the background. The trouble is, I had to get on top of my car to do it. I thought it would be a good photo, so we made it happen!

Once we had all the photos we needed, it was time for the reception at Rich’s Atrium. I haven’t been there since they remodeled, and it’s really fantastic! It provided us with some different vantage points for the first dance (see the photo below). After the formal events of the reception, it was time for the party! This group knows how to have a good time and they had the perfect place to do it in!

Thanks to Paul & Jacki for having me on their wedding day! I wish you all the best in life! Congrats!

01-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

02-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

03-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

04-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

05-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

06-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

07-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

08-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

09-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

10-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

11-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

12-Buffalo Marriott Harbor Center Wedding

13-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

14-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

15-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

16-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

17-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

18-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

19-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

20-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

21-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

22-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

23-Buffalo St Joseph's Cathedral Wedding

24-Delaware Park Wedding

25-Delaware Park Wedding

Sisters being sisters 😂
26-Delaware Park Wedding

27-Delaware Park Wedding

28-Delaware Park Wedding

29-Delaware Park Wedding

30-Delaware Park Wedding

31-Delaware Park Wedding

32-Delaware Park Wedding

33-Shea's Buffalo Wedding

34-Shea's Buffalo Wedding

35-Shea's Buffalo Wedding

36-Shea's Buffalo Wedding

37-Erie Basin Marina Buffalo Wedding

38-Erie Basin Marina Buffalo Wedding

From the roof of the car!39-Erie Basin Marina Buffalo Wedding

40-Buffalo Rich's Atrium Wedding Reception

41-Buffalo Rich's Atrium Wedding Reception

42-Buffalo Rich's Atrium Wedding Reception

43-Buffalo Rich's Atrium Wedding Reception

44-Buffalo Rich's Atrium Wedding Reception

45-Buffalo Rich's Atrium Wedding Reception

46-Buffalo Rich's Atrium Wedding Reception

47-Buffalo Rich's Atrium Wedding Reception

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Thanks for viewing Paul & Jacki’s Buffalo Wedding Photos!

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