I met Mike over 10 years ago. We used to play music in some of the same circles together. Since then, Mike has gone on to do many things, but what reconnected us was his consulting business. About a year ago I came across his blog and found a lot of things that could help my business. I gave him a call and I quickly realized that this was someone that could really help me to reach my business goals. I hired Mike as a consultant and we went to work. He helped me develop new ideas and then helped me implement them. This website was one of the biggest projects we worked on. If you have a small/medium sized business I strongly suggest you at least check out his website here: mikekim.tv. Mike was invaluable to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. (For the record, I’m not under any obligation to write about him on my blog or review him in anyway. I’m doing this because I think many could benefit from his business.)

Okay, enough about that, on to the photos! This is the last couples session from my New York City trip. I really wanted to shoot in Central Park, I love the contrast of concrete and tall trees. I met up with Mike and his wife Iris at the Gapstow Bridge then walked to the Bethesda Fountain. Along the way we found a few nice spots for photos. I was so glad to get the oppurtunity to do something besides work on my business with Mike and also get to meet his wife. I had such a great time shooting with this couple. Enjoy the photos!

On the Gapstow BridgeMike & Iris Post_Blog-1

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-2

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-3

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-4

Walking on “The Mall.”Mike & Iris Post_Blog-5

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-6

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-7

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-8

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-9

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-10

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-11

Married nine years!Mike & Iris Post_Blog-12

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-13

Love this spot!Mike & Iris Post_Blog-14

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-15

Seems like a nice, quiet spot.Mike & Iris Post_Blog-16

…until it gets overrun by very enthusistic crossfitters.Mike & Iris Post_Blog-17

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-18

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-19

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-20

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-21

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-22

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-23

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-24

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-25

Mike & Iris Post_Blog-26

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