Welcome to post #3 from New York City! I’m shooting Anthony & Shanna’s wedding in Connecticut this fall. They wanted engagement photos as well, so I suggested we meet in NYC to do them. Since Anthony has family that lives in the Chelsea area, we decided to shoot there and use the High Line as well. For those of you that don’t know, the High Line is a repurposed rail line that’s been turned into a park. It’s a beautiful and unique part of New York City that’s worth checking out. It’s also where we decided to start.

Although we planned to do most of the session there, we couldn’t stay long because it began raining almost immediately. We decided to walk to Chelsea Market since it was indoors and not very far. We were able to find some overhangs along the way and ended up with some great photos.

My approach to weather has always been to use it, rather than fight it. Whether it’s an engagement session or a wedding day, we can’t control it, so let’s try to turn it into something great. We were able to do this with a series of photos on a cobblestone street in the rain. They are some of my favorites from this shoot.

Thankfully, the rain didn’t last too long and we were able to make it back to the High Line for some nice, warm sunlight as the sun was setting. Even though we were only there for a few minutes, we were able to get some really great shots!

The High Line just before the rainAnthony & Shanna Post_01-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_02-Blog

Bling!Anthony & Shanna Post_03-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_04-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_05-Blog

Chelsea MarketAnthony & Shanna Post_06-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_07-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_08-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_09-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_10-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_11-Blog

Bring on the rain!Anthony & Shanna Post_12-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_13-Blog

Elevator inside The Standard Hotel.
Anthony & Shanna Post_14-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_15-Blog

Finally, the High Line!Anthony & Shanna Post_17-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_18-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_19-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_20-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_21-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_22-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_23-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_24-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_25-Blog

Anthony & Shanna Post_26-Blog

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