John and NickIt’s been awhile since I’ve shared a family photo session, so I thought it would be a good time now! I’ve known John and Jen for over 15 years. They are some of the most fun people to be around! People used to get John and I confused – probably because of our matching gel-spiked 2001 hair. One of my favorite memories with John is trying (and succeeding) to get into the VMA’s back in 2001 (we got to see JAY-Z perform outside Lincoln Center). I met Jen a few years after that. I credit Jen for one of my worst hairstyles–she encouraged me to grow it out when it was cool to do that in 2005–and it was terrible. Good memories. Ok, enough about that, let’s talk about this family!

The whole reason for this shoot was to announce baby #4! (They announced publicly about a month ago.) This baby is special in a different way than most, because of baby #3, Cooper. Cooper passed away shortly before birth, which was devastating. It’s something no parent should ever have to go through. Jen and John had to find some comfort in the midst of heartbreak. Through faith, family, and friends, they’ve been able to. They also did so by finding a way to comfort others. Jen created “The Cooper Project”. When you buy a necklace from her Esty shop, an additional necklace gets donated to a mom who has lost a baby. After starting a little over a year ago, they’ve sent out hundreds of pieces to families all over the country. Those pieces have brought a bit of comfort to many moms who have lost a little one. Wearing their names or initials around their necks helps them to feel close their babies. What a gift to give.

When they asked me to shoot this special session, I was really excited to hear news of another baby, and to be able to be a part of the announcement. We did a unique photo with Cooper’s #3 balloon tied to a “Molly Bear” – a weighted bear that you can order to weigh the same exact amount as your baby. We also did some fun photo with the kids. I can’t wait to meet this next baby. If it’s any bit as much fun as their first two, they’re going to have their hands full!

If you’d like your own family session, I’m offering special Fall Mini-Sessions on Saturday, October 21st. Clink here for more details: Fall Sessions (after you’ve looked through the photos of course!

Chappell Family Photos 2017-375

Chappell Family Photos 2017-393

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Chappell Family Photos 2017-234

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Chappell Family Photos 2017-133

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