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The country side of Northern Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to have a wedding. The rolling hills, farmlands and green for miles always makes for great photos. This is where I met up with Abby and Jesus. My wife and Abby have been good friends since high school. So, when her and Jesus got engaged we began talking about wedding photos and decided it was a good match. I was confident that Abby would feel comfortable in front the of camera and she did not disappoint!

Jesus is from Connecticut and with the wedding being in PA, that meant a lot of travel for a lot of friends and family. Meeting and working with Jesus and his family was a truly great experience. They are an awesome group of people. What I didn’t realize was that I went to college with a small group of people that came down from CT. So when we got to the ceremony it was a nice surprise and made for a really fun day.

The ceremony was beautiful. One of my favorite parts of this job is seeing two people that really love each other express that through their vows and in making a life long commitment. After the pronouncement, it was picture time! As I stated earlier, Northern Pennsylvania is a great place for photos. We headed down the road to a friend’s piece of land and the lighting was absolutely perfect! I try to get all the couples I work with in this kind of light because it compliments skin tones and just has a dramatic look. The funny thing about shooting at this time of day is that when the sun starts to drop, it drops fast. A few times Jesus and Abby and had to run to catch the light. It was all worth it in the end because these photos are some of my favorites from 2013.

The reception. I don’t think anyone was prepared for what was about to happen. No one could have predicted the amount of party that was soon to be unleashed. I’ve never seen so many people hit the dance floor so hard and so fast and stay there all night. It was crazy! Things just seemed to keep escalating from more dance circles (and willing participants) than I’ve ever seen to guests (and the groom) being picked up and thrown into the air. This was one of the most fun receptions I’ve ever been to.

A few times during the night I stepped outside to capture some of the beautiful sunset and star-filled sky. Being a good distance from larger towns and cities, it allowed for the stars to really come out. I love this photo of the people dancing inside and the stars shining outside. It too, is one of my favorites from the summer.

It was a perfect day in August for a wedding, I was honored to be a part of their special day. Congratulations Jesus and Abby!


Let’s start it off with the dress…
Jesus + Abby-02

Jesus + Abby-03

Jesus + Abby-04

Jesus + Abby-05

Jesus + Abby-06

Mother and daughter
Jesus + Abby-08

Jesus + Abby-07

Jesus + Abby-09

Jesus + Abby-10

Love this one…
Jesus + Abby-11

Jesus + Abby-12

Jesus + Abby-13

Jesus + Abby-14

Lovely ladies
Jesus + Abby-15

Jesus + Abby-16

Jesus + Abby-17

Jesus + Abby-18

Jesus + Abby-19

Jesus + Abby-20

Here we go!
Jesus + Abby-21

Jesus + Abby-22

Jesus + Abby-23

Jesus + Abby-24

Abby’s father taking part in the ceremony…
Jesus + Abby-25

Jesus + Abby-26

Jesus + Abby-27

Jesus + Abby-28

This is where it really gets good!
Jesus + Abby-29

Jesus + Abby-30

Jesus + Abby-31

Jesus + Abby-32

Jesus + Abby-33

Oh the light!!
Jesus + Abby-34

Jesus + Abby-35

Jesus + Abby-36

Running to catch the light…
Jesus + Abby-38

Got it!
Jesus + Abby-39

Jesus + Abby-40

Jesus + Abby-41

Jesus + Abby-42

Jesus + Abby-43

Jesus + Abby-44

Jesus + Abby-45

Jesus + Abby-46

The dip!
Jesus + Abby Wedding Photos-1647-Edit-Edit

Jesus + Abby-47

Jesus + Abby-48

Jesus + Abby-49

Jesus + Abby-50

Jesus + Abby-51

Jesus + Abby-52

Jesus + Abby-53

Jesus + Abby-54

Jesus + Abby-55

Jesus + Abby-56

Jesus + Abby-57

Jesus + Abby-58

Jesus + Abby-59

Go time!
Jesus + Abby-60

Jesus + Abby-61

Do work!
Jesus + Abby-62

Jesus + Abby-63

Jesus + Abby-64

Jesus + Abby-65

Jesus + Abby-66

Jesus + Abby-67

Jesus + Abby-68

And it begins…
Jesus + Abby-69

Jesus + Abby-70

Jesus + Abby-71

Jesus + Abby-72

Jesus + Abby-73

Jesus + Abby-74

Jesus + Abby-75

Jesus + Abby-76

Jesus + Abby-77

Jesus + Abby-78

Jesus + Abby-79

Jesus + Abby-80

Jesus + Abby-81

Jesus + Abby-82

I don’t know what the hype was about the guy in all white, but when he hit the floor everyone went nuts!
Jesus + Abby-83

Jesus + Abby-84

Jesus + Abby-85

Jesus + Abby-86

Jesus + Abby-87

Jesus + Abby-88

Jesus + Abby-89

Jesus + Abby-90

Jesus + Abby-91

Jesus + Abby-92

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