Happy New Year! I want to thank you for visiting this site, sharing my work and following the links from Facebook over the past 12 months. It’s been an amazing year, I’ve had almost 30,000 visitors! I’m so blessed to do what I love as my job. Thank you all for your support, it means the world!

I wanted to do something fun to kick off the new year so I’ve put together all of the wedding blog posts I did this year and you’ll get to vote for your favorite! The winning couple will get a $100 credit for prints, albums, wall art, etc. Below are collages and links to the full blog post of each wedding. At the bottom of this page is a voting box. Simply click on the drop down menu, choose the couple and click vote. You’re allowed to vote once per day (tracked by IP address) and voting will end at midnight on Tuesday January 6, 2015.

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UPDATE: You can now vote once every 6 hours. That’s up to 4 times per day! It’s regulated by IP address so, if it says that you’ve already voted, it means that someone on your network has voted in the last 6 hours. Try using your smart phone and turning off WiFi.

 Abdias & Carolyn – Rochester County Clerks Office
Fav_Wedding_Blog_2014__1-© NDP 2014


Jesse & Katie – Hotel Lafayette


Robby & Alyssa – Hotel LafayetteFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__3-© NDP 2014


Corrin & Mason – Northern PAFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__04-© NDP 2014


Joey & Bri – Hidden ValleyFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__05-© NDP 2014


Matt & Lily – Timber Banks Golf CourseFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__06-© NDP 2014


Chris & Sarah – Cobbs Hill ParkFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__07-© NDP 2014


Jeff & Rachael – Canalside & Pearl StreetFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__08-© NDP 2014


Meghan & Scott – Templeton LandingFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__09-© NDP 2014


Donny & Gabby – Sleepy HollowFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__14-© NDP 2014


Jordan & Taylor – Roycroft InnFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__10-© NDP 2014


Hugh & Allison – Diamond Hawk Golf CourseFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__11-© NDP 2014


Jake & Janel – Old Library InnFav_Wedding_Blog_2014__12-© NDP 2014


Anthony & Shanna – Lake of Isles, CT
Fav_Wedding_Blog_2014__13-© NDP 2014

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