Hey friends! I’m really looking forward to sharing Zach & Alison’s Buffalo Outer Harbor Engagement Photos! We started off at Silo City near Downtown Buffalo. Just before sunset, we headed over to the Outer Harbor waterfront to watch the sun go down over the water. It was perfect!

For years, I’ve had a photo in mind but was never able to find the right location in Buffalo to make it happen. I really wanted to see the Liberty Building and it’s dual Statue of Liberty replicas in the background. Finding a building with that kind of view and that would allow you on the roof proved to be difficult. But shortly before the engagement session, I was finally able to find the spot! I couldn’t be happier with the location and how the photos came out!

I can’t wait to shoot Zach & Alison’s wedding next year! Until then…

Starting out at Silo City…1-Buffalo Silo City Engagement

2-Buffalo Silo City Engagement

3-Buffalo Silo City Engagement

4-Buffalo Silo City Engagement

5-Buffalo Silo City Engagement

6-Buffalo Silo City Engagement

7-Buffalo Silo City Engagement

8-Buffalo Silo City Engagement

9-Buffalo Silo City Engagement

10-Buffalo Silo City Engagement

Down to the Outer Harbor for sunset!11b-Buffalo Waterfront Sunset Engagement

12-Buffalo Waterfront Sunset Engagement

13-Buffalo Waterfront Sunset Engagement

14-Buffalo Waterfront Sunset Engagement

15-Buffalo Waterfront Sunset Engagement

16-Buffalo Waterfront Sunset Engagement

17-Buffalo Downtown Night Engagement

19-Buffalo Downtown Night Engagement

18-Buffalo Downtown Night Engagement

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Thanks for viewing Zach & Alison’s Buffalo Outer Harbor Engagement Photos!

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