Hey everyone! I’m excited to share Kayleigh & Mike’s Wingate Barn Wedding Photos with you all! You might remember them from their engagement photos last year. That shoot was one of my favorites! I knew then that I would have a blast shooting their wedding day – and I was right!

We started things off with the girls getting ready at the Wingate Barn in Livonia, NY. There was already a fun vibe going in the morning, which is always great. Once the bride was in her dress, we set up a first look with her dad. As it tends to be, it was a really special moment between father and daughter.

Soon after, it was time for the ceremony. It was beautiful, with tears and laughter throughout – just like a wedding ceremony should be! I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking…

Following a few family photos, the DJ introduced the bride and groom to a roaring crowd at the reception. After dinner, we snuck out to Vitale Park located at the tip of Conesus Lake. We caught just the end of the golden light from the sun as it set behind the hill. I really love the photos from this part of my wedding days. All the nerves are gone from the day’s events, the couple is relaxed, and the lighting is perfect!

After lots of fun on the dance floor, we took Kayleigh and Mike out for a few more photos. There was just enough light left on the horizon to see a few clouds in the distance. It was a great way to end a perfect day!

Congrats to Kayleigh and Mike! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

01-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

02-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

The ladies…03-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

04-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

First look with dad!05-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

06-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

07-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

08-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

09-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

10-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

Almost time…11-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

12-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

13-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

14-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

15-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

16-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

17-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

All the feels…
18-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

19-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

20-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

21-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

22-Wingate Barn Wedding Photos

Wingate Barn23-Wingate Barn Wedding Reception

24-Wingate Barn Wedding Reception

25-Wingate Barn Wedding Reception

26-Wingate Barn Wedding Reception

27-Wingate Barn Wedding Reception

Vitale Park!28-Finger Lakes Wedding Photos

29-Finger Lakes Wedding Photos

30-Finger Lakes Wedding Photos

31-Finger Lakes Wedding Photos

32-Finger Lakes Wedding Photos

33-Finger Lakes Wedding Photos

One of my favorites from the day!35a-Finger Lakes Wedding Photos

35-Finger Lakes Wedding Photos

36-Finger Lakes Wedding Photos

37-Wingate Barn Wedding

38-Wingate Barn Wedding

39-Wingate Barn Wedding

40-Wingate Barn Wedding

41-Wingate Barn Wedding

42-Wingate Barn Wedding

Stars & Clouds43-Wingate Barn Wedding

44-Wingate Barn Wedding

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Wedding Vendors

Hair & Makeup: D’Tangles
Venue: Wingate Barn
Caterer: Partyman Catering
Bridal Salon: Allure Bridal
DJ: DJ Jickster
Florist: Beverly’s Flowers and Gifts
Cake: Big Buns Bakery
Transportation: Regional Transit Service

Thanks for viewing Kayleigh & Mike’s Wingate Barn Wedding Photos!

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