Well, it’s the middle of July and we’re about half way through the wedding season. It’s been a great year so far! Today, I’m happy to share Joel & Shayna’s Templeton Landing Wedding Photos! Both the bride and groom started the day at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Buffalo. The guys headed outside early for a few photos and the girls weren’t too far behind. Starting the day’s agenda, the first look.

Since it was right next to the hotel, we chose Main Street near M&T Bank. Doing a first look is always special. This one was made even more so when Joel’s daughter joined the two of them. It was a really happy moment for this new family. After that, we did a few more photos in the area and then headed down to the Marina. Once there, we found a few nice spots on the waterfront before heading over to Templeton Landing to get ready for the ceremony.

This venue is one my favorites for ceremonies. Rarely is the view this good for a wedding! You can see the city on one side and waterfront on the other. It’s really a great spot! The ceremony was short but sweet and was made complete with the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass by the groom.

For a few more photos, we went out on one of the docks at the Marina, which has a unique view of downtown Buffalo.

Next up, was the reception. I’ll skip right to one of the highlights…After Shayna danced with her father, Joel opted to have a dance with his daughter. As a dad of two daughters, this was one of my favorite moments of the night! The smile on her face was just the best! Make sure you check out the photos below!

The whole day was really amazing, including the last photo session of the night up on the roof. Thanks again to Joel and Shayna for having me along on their special day!

01-Hyatt Wedding Photos

02-Hyatt Wedding Photos

03-Hyatt Wedding Photos

Love these robes!04-Hyatt Wedding Photos

05-Hyatt Wedding Photos

06-Hyatt Wedding Photos

07-Hyatt Wedding Photos

08-Buffalo Wedding Photos

The first look!09-Buffalo Wedding Photos

10-Buffalo Wedding Photos

11-Buffalo Wedding Photos

Great moment here!12a-Buffalo Wedding Photos

12b-Buffalo Wedding Photos

12c-Buffalo Wedding Photos

13-Buffalo Wedding Photos

Main St, Buffalo looking great!
14-Buffalo Wedding Photos

15-Buffalo Wedding Photos

16-Buffalo Wedding Photos

17-Buffalo Wedding Photos

18-Buffalo Wedding Photos

Erie Basin Marina19-Buffalo Waterfront Wedding Photos

20-Buffalo Waterfront Wedding Photos

How’d we get this shot?! Using a prism, we caught the reflection of the lighthouse about a half mile away!21-Buffalo Waterfront Wedding Photos

22-Buffalo Waterfront Wedding Photos

That dress!23-Buffalo Waterfront Wedding Photos

24-Templeton Landing Wedding Ceremony

25a-Templeton Landing Wedding Ceremony

25b-Templeton Landing Wedding Ceremony

25c-Templeton Landing Wedding Ceremony

Happy guy…Joel-&-Shayna-Wedding-Photos-1489-GIF_970

26-Templeton Landing Wedding Ceremony

27-Templeton Landing Wedding Ceremony

28-Buffalo Marina Wedding

29-Buffalo Marina Wedding

30-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

31-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

32-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

33-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

34-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

35-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

Shayna & her dad…36-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

Joel and his daughter…37-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

38-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

My favorite!39-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

40-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

41-Templeton Landing Roof Wedding

42-Templeton Landing Roof Wedding

43-Templeton Landing Roof Wedding

44-Templeton Landing Roof Wedding

Sunset over the harbor…45-Templeton Landing Roof Wedding

46-Templeton Landing Roof Wedding

47-Templeton Landing Roof Wedding

48-Templeton Landing Wedding Reception

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