Hey everyone! I’m excited to share Jed & Michaela’s Hickory Ridge Wedding photos with you all! I’ve known Jed for over 10 years and have watched as his and Michaela’s relationship grew over time and brought them to this incredible day. What’s better than celebrating love and relationship with the people you care about most?? As always, I love getting to document couples in love on their wedding day, especially when they’re friends of mine!

We spent the whole day at Hickory Ridge Golf Resort–from getting ready to sunset. I had the pleasure of working with my wife, who did Michaela’s hair & makeup (and killed it, BTW!). Once the girls were dressed, we did a few photos outside before it was time for the ceremony. Hickory Ridge really has a beautiful spot for ceremonies right by the water. Watching the bride and groom see each other for the first time is always a special moment and it was no different here. Seeing Jed’s grin was particularly great.

After the ceremony, we had some time for photos and then it was on to the reception. Things were pretty much what you’d expect for a wedding reception until the bouquet toss. Instead of throwing the bouquet, Michaela turned around and handed them to Meghan, who was dating Jed’s brother, Zach. Just then, Zach walked onto the dance floor with Meghan’s two daughters (who had just been dropped off). He got down on one knee and asked Meghan to marry him. He had a ring for Meghan and another for each of her girls. It was a beautiful moment. Kudos to the bride and groom for sharing the limelight on their wedding day!

To wrap things up, I took Jed and Michaela outside to do one more shot. With the sunlight fading in the distance, and the stars beginning to come out above, I lined them up and created an incredible image! One of my favorites so far this year!

Congrats to the bride and groom! Thanks so much for allowing me to capture your wedding day!

Here’s one from the engagement session!
Jed & Michaela Engagement Shoot-336
Jed had a custom ring made. This thing is amazing!Michaela's Ring-25

01-Hickory Ridge Wedding Getting Ready

Michaela, and my wife doing makeup…Jed and I are lucky guys!02-Hickory Ridge Wedding Getting Ready

03-Hickory Ridge Wedding Getting Ready

04-Hickory Ridge Wedding Getting Ready

05-Hickory Ridge Wedding Getting Ready

06-Hickory Ridge Wedding Getting Ready

07-Hickory Ridge Wedding Getting Ready

08-Hickory Ridge Wedding Getting Ready

09-Hickory Ridge Wedding Getting Ready

10-Hickory Ridge Wedding Getting Ready

11-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

12-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

13-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

14-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

15-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

A prayer before the ceremony…16-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

17-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

18-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

19-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

20-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

21-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

22-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

23-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

24-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

I love Jed’s face here!25-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

26-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

28-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

29-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

30-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

31-Hickory Ridge Wedding Ceremony

32-Hickory Ridge Wedding

33-Hickory Ridge Wedding

34-Hickory Ridge Wedding

35-Hickory Ridge Wedding

36-Hickory Ridge Wedding

37-Hickory Ridge Wedding

38-Hickory Ridge Wedding

39-Hickory Ridge Wedding

40-Hickory Ridge Wedding

41-Hickory Ridge Wedding

42-Hickory Ridge Wedding

43-Hickory Ridge Wedding

44-Hickory Ridge Wedding

45-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

46-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

47-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

48-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

49-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

Back outside!50-Hickory Ridge Wedding Sunset

51-Hickory Ridge Wedding Sunset

52-Hickory Ridge Wedding Sunset

53-Hickory Ridge Wedding Sunset

54-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

55-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

56-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

57-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

58-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

The proposal!59-Engagement Proposal

60-Engagement Proposal

61-Engagement Proposal

62-Engagement Proposal

63-Engagement Proposal

64-Engagement Proposal

65-Engagement Proposal

66-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

67-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

68-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

69-Hickory Ridge Wedding Reception

One last shot!70-Hickory Ridge Wedding Sunset

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Thanks for viewing Jed & Michaela’s Hickory Ridge Wedding Photos!

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