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Sparkle is an event that I wish every town had. They close down Market St (a very “village-y” type street) in Corning, NY and thousands of people come to enjoy horse drawn carriage rides, shopping (inside and outside the shops), dining, outdoor entertainment and plenty of activities for everybody. My awesome sister-in-law Mary is one of the choreographers of the dance team at Christian Hope Center. Each year, they put together 8-10 dances and perform all of them 2-3 times throughout the evening. Many of the performers are drawn from the church members, and a few from the dance camp the church puts on every summer. Members of the church walk around and give away thousands of cookies that they have baked. This year, they gave away over $1000 in gifts and gift cards to random winners in the crowd. All of this is their way of demonstrating the love and grace they have found in Jesus to the community around them. I think it’s pretty cool.

If you’re interested in the dance camp, contact the church and they can give you the information you need. I love covering events like this so if you’ve got an event you need photos of, I’d love to be a part of it!

Let’s start it off with one from the setup…

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