Hey everyone! I’ve been looking forward to sharing Victoria & Alex’s Charlotte Beach engagement photos with you all since the summer! As the weather begins to cool off, I thought it would be a good time to post something from a warmer and happier time. ;)

We spent the whole session in the Charlotte Beach area in Rochester, NY. It was a great spot because there were so many different places to shoot, as you’ll see. We started in a grassy area with the sun shining through the trees. I love that warm light! Then we headed over to the canal and eventually down to the beach for sunset. One of my favorite things about this photo session was the light and color. Sometimes, it’s just special. Once the sun was down, we were on our way out when I noticed a nice spot in the path we were on. I asked Alex to pick up Victoria for one more photo. I’m so glad we did because it’s a great shot!

Up next for Victoria and Alex is the wedding next summer. Until then…Enjoy!

1-Charlotte Beach Engagement

2-Charlotte Beach Engagement

4-Charlotte Beach Engagement

5-Charlotte Beach Engagement

6-Charlotte Beach Engagement

7-Charlotte Beach Engagement

8-Charlotte Beach Engagement

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9-Charlotte Beach Engagement

10-Charlotte Beach Engagement

11-Charlotte Beach Engagement

12-Charlotte Beach Engagement

13-Charlotte Beach Engagement

14a-Charlotte Beach Engagement

15a-Charlotte Beach Engagement copy

16-Charlotte Beach Engagement

17-Charlotte Beach Engagement

18-Charlotte Beach Engagement

19-Charlotte Beach Engagement

20-Charlotte Beach Engagement

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