Hey everyone! Today, I get to share Ariana & Max’s The Gallagher Barn Wedding Photos! This was my first time to this venue. I had heard great things and it did not disappoint! We started things off at the church. It was a gorgeous day and the ceremony was beautiful. Before we left the church, I had an idea for a photo with the light coming through the stained glass window. Max & Ariana pointed out their family saint, St. Francis was in one of the windows. It seemed like a perfect choice!

After that, we headed out to Grand Island to a family spot on the Niagara River. After that, Max & Ariana wanted to stop by the Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence. This is a spot that they have come to for years, so we had to get a few photos there. I even got on a ride with the bride and groom! Finally, it was on to The Gallagher for a few more photos and the reception!

Once we wrapped up the photos, the real fun began! After dinner was served and the bride and groom were finished, I brought them out for the sunset. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity all year! For whatever reason, I haven’t had the chance to capture a couple with a great sunset. As we were walking out, Max said with a smile, “This is what we hired you for.” I couldn’t wait to get to work! The location and the sunset were incredible. These are some of my favorite sunset photos that I’ve shot. We went back inside for the special dances and then back out for a photo under the stars and a sparkler exit. It was a busy and packed day, but it was incredible!

Congrats to Max & Ariana! Thanks for letting me be a small part of your amazing wedding day! I wish you both all the best!

01-St Timothy Buffalo Wedding

02-St Timothy Buffalo Wedding

03-St Timothy Buffalo Wedding

04-St Timothy Buffalo Wedding

05-St Timothy Buffalo Wedding

06-St Timothy Buffalo Wedding

07-St Timothy Buffalo Wedding

08-St Timothy Buffalo Wedding

The light coming through the window with St. Francis
09-St Timothy Buffalo Wedding

10-Grand Island Wedding

11-Grand Island Wedding

12-Grand Island Wedding

13-Pumpkin Farm Wedding Photos

14-Pumpkin Farm Wedding Photos

15-Pumpkin Farm Wedding Photos

16-Pumpkin Farm Wedding Photos

17-Pumpkin Farm Wedding Photos

18-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

19-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

20-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

21-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

22-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

23-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

Oh, the light!24-The Gallagher Barn Sunset Wedding

25-The Gallagher Barn Sunset Wedding

26-The Gallagher Barn Sunset Wedding

27-The Gallagher Barn Sunset Wedding

28-The Gallagher Barn Sunset Wedding

29-The Gallagher Barn Sunset Wedding

…And the sunset!30-The Gallagher Barn Sunset Wedding

31-The Gallagher Barn Sunset Wedding

32-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

33-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

34-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

35-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

36-The Gallagher Barn Wedding

32-The Gallagher Barn Star Wedding-1

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Wedding Vendors

Hair & Makeup: Excuria Salon and Spa
Wedding Venue: St.Timothy’s Roman Catholic Church
Reception Venue: The Gallagher Barn
Caterer: Steveo’s Taco’s and Subs
Videography: Jacqueline Daley Photography
DJ: Whirlin’ Disk Sound
Cake: Village Bake Shoppe

Thanks for viewing Ariana & Max’s The Gallagher Barn Wedding Photos!

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