This post is certainly a unique one! I’ve done plenty of maternity photos but never for two best friends who got pregnant at the same time. Alicia and Rachel have spent the better part of the last 20 years as close friends. Alicia also happens to be my little sister and I consider Rachel family as well. When they found out the other was pregnant, they were shocked! Who would have thought that after sharing so many other life experiences together, they would share their first pregnancies as well? Amazing!

I had a blast working with these two! Can’t wait to meet their two babies in the next couple months!

Alicia gets things started…
01-Buffalo Maturnity Photos

02-Buffalo Maturnity Photos

03-Buffalo Maturnity Photos

04-Buffalo Maturnity Photos

Alicia and Rachel Maternity Photos-64-BW

05-Buffalo Maturnity Photos

Meet Rachel…
06-Buffalo Maturnity Photos

07-Buffalo Maturnity Photos

Alicia and Rachel Maternity Photos-206-BW

08-Buffalo Maturnity Photos

Of course, we have to get some together!09-Buffalo Maturnity Photos

10-Buffalo Maturnity Photos

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