It. Has. Been. A. While! I’ve been enjoying some time off as well as preparing for the 2017 wedding season, which is about to get started. My wife and I also welcomed in our third baby, Ava Jane. We’re now outnumbered, so we’ve got our work cut out for us! We love parenting and wouldn’t trade it for the world! I often tell people, it’s the hardest but best thing I’ve done in life.

On to the engagement session! I first got together with Adam & Mary in my studio a few months back, but that wasn’t the first time I met Mary. We actually went to high school together in the late 90s. I always love getting to work with people I already know, especially if it’s been awhile. When we began talking about locations for the engagement shoot, Adam and Mary knew exactly where they wanted to have it. Adam is familiar with this area and spent a bit of time here growing up.

IMG_6859The timing was perfect. I wanted to make sure we could get a few bright photos during the “golden hour” as well as catch the sunset. I knew I wanted to end up on the dock at sunset, so we started out at the lighthouse. Mary’s smile and laugh are contagious. She’d get laughing and Adam wasn’t far behind. They honestly made my job easy! After moving around a bit and trying a few things, it was time to head down to the water.

The “dock” was really more of a 3-foot-wide cement walkway. To get the angle I wanted, my assistant had to climb out about 50 feet onto the rocks on the shoreline and I had to go around 100 feet. It was well worth the risk because the photos came out amazing!

I can’t wait to work with these guys again this summer on their wedding day! Until then…
Golden Hill State Park-1

Golden Hill State Park-2

Golden Hill State Park-3

Golden Hill State Park-4

Golden Hill State Park-5

Oh the light!
Golden Hill State Park-6

Golden Hill State Park-7

Golden Hill State Park-8

Golden Hill State Park-9

Golden Hill State Park-10

A truely, happy couple…Golden Hill State Park-11

Golden Hill State Park-13

Golden Hill State Park-14

Golden Hill State Park-15

Golden Hill State Park-16

Golden Hill State Park-17

Golden Hill State Park-18

Amazing sunset!Golden Hill State Park-19

Golden Hill State Park-20

Golden Hill State Park-21

Golden Hill State Park-22

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